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Shipping and Returns

Shipping Within Canada

We will do our very best to ship within 5 business days and in general should arrive anywhere between 5 to 7 business days from the day the order was shipped to the day your order reaches your address. Shipping times will vary however depending on where your location / address and the time of year.  Please be advised that shipping can be delayed during the month December due to Christmas parcels and the like.

Every now and then there will be situations where a product will be on backorder. As much as we try to avoid these incidences, they do happen. In an event when this occurs, we can offer our customers a refund for the backordered item and will ship the rest of the order or we can replace the backordered item with another product of equal pricing.

To the U.S.

Please contact us for shipping rates shipping to the U.S.

International Shipping

Please contact us for shipping rates shipping to your destination country.


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