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My family was gifted these socks several years ago. We live in Southern California but, these are are go to when we travel especially in cold weather climates. Our feet are never cold. Know, we purchase for are extended family in Alaska!! Love these socks!
Julie Andrews La Jolla San Diego

“I enjoy the cozy warmth these products bring during the cold months of the year. I’ve bought several socks, a pair of insoles, and back when they were still available, even a couple of winter hats and a scarf. They are easy to keep clean and don’t lose the bounce in their weave. As long as we do pay attention to take special care of these products, they will keep doing their job well in keeping us warm, for years.”
Ari K Vancouver, B.C.

“I love these socks for their comfort and softness as well as their durability. My feet are always cold and these socks have helped keep my feet warm and toasty when snowshoeing and cold weather hiking. I even wear them inside in place of slippers and they have kept my tootsies comfortable for over six years.”
Jan Leard Vancouver B.C.

“I bring out my colourful cozy mohair socks as soon as the weather cools in the Fall . I love to wear them around the house on the cold floors. I also wear them outdoors in my boots and I keep a pair to wear in bed . My family & friends have enjoyed them just as much as me and I give them as gifts at this time of year.”
Miftah Hollands Port Moody B.C

“I love your socks, the way they feel, how warm they are, how I don’t sweat in them and how cozy they feel against my feet. I have recommended them to a lot of friends and bought them as gifts as far away as my sister in Austria! She loves them as well!.”
Wilma Fuchs Vancouver, B.C.

“I’ve worn Thermohair socks for many years now, and every time I put them on I feel grateful for having them. The time that I most appreciated the socks was when, along with Richard and a “band of brothers”, I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in the summer of 2016. Indeed, our Thermohairs took all of us to the roof of Africa!”
Arifin Graham, Victoria, BC

“Richard’s socks feel so luxurious and warm when you slip them on your feet, on a cold winter day. I have found the ski socks very comfortable and warm for downhill skiing in cold temperatures.
I love the selection of colour choices and styles”

Michelle Butterfield
Port Moody, B.C.

“My name is Cameron, and I am and event manager in Vancouver. My job has me on my feet for anywhere between 8 and 16 hours a day and thus, Socks….and shoes are very important. I recently used these socks during an event build that had me outside for 12 hours in what seemed like a waterfall of rain. These socks kept my feet warm, dry and they didn’t roll down the back of my heel like a lot of other socks i have worn. I would highly recommend these socks to anyone that is working outside, standing on the sidelines for a sporting event or is looking for a warm sock to laze around the house in. Did I mention you don’t need to wash them after every use? I know that might sound nasty but after multiple days of using them they did not smell and help their shape (as if they had come straight off of the drying line).”
Cameron Knowles
Event manager – Live Entertainment
Vancouver, B.C.

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